A Child's Garden Preschool


Growing Strong Minds and Happy Hearts!


Upcoming Events

Thursday Feb 12 - Friday Feb 13
Monday, Feb 16 All Day
Thursday Feb 19 - Friday Feb 20
Thursday Feb 26 - Friday Feb 27

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A Child's Garden Preschool
Growing Strong Minds and Happy Hearts!

"A Child's Garden" preschool will help our young children to grow and love to learn. With our wonderful programs our children will be able to grow in a positive, loving and fun educational environment.


Self Confidence - Each child will learn to be proud of their self and the work that they do.
Respect - Each child will have a greater respect for their teachers, each other and their self.
Love - Each child will be taught in a loving way through the "Love and Logic" techniques.
Take care of our class Lion Simba
To See Fun Videos of what goes on here please go to our Resources Page under the tab "More"

When ordering use the classroom code of FDZT4 anyone is welcome to order through us.  Your order will be sent here then we will contact you when it arrives.