A Child's Garden Preschool


I have had 3 of my 4 kids attend A Child's Garden Preschool so far.  We have loved it every year.  It is so nice to have a monthly newsletter that lets me know what they will  be learning and tips on ways I can help them continue learning at home.  My kids come home speaking Spanish words and signing words in sign language. My one daughter who was very shy and uncomfortable around anyone but family seemed to gain a lot of confidence after attending A Child's Garden Preschool. Every teacher that has been at the school has been amazing.  The classroom and play areas are very neat and organized.  I have  been very inspired and impressed with the Love and Logic method that they use. I would highly recommend this preschool to everyone!


We have loved A Child's Garden Preschool, and are excited our daughter will be attending another year! One of my favorite aspects of this preschool were the wonderful monthly newsletters sent home by Miss Emily. I loved knowing exactly what my daughter was learning so I could find creative ways to supplement that at home. I also loved the quarterly evaluations that were so helpful in seeing my daughters progress and also the areas that we could work on. It was so exciting to see our daughter learn not only letters, numbers, Spanish and more, but more importantly discipline and respect.


A Child's Garden preschool was a very fun and loving environment for my triplets. They couldn't wait to go and learn something new each day. They were taught respect, love for others, and creative expression through love and logic. Thanks for all your hard work.


I am so grateful that we found A Child's Garden Preschool! Miss Emily provides a safe and well structured environment for learning and fun. I love that curriculum focus on letter recognition, numbers, music and art, and play. It also introduces Spanish, Sign Language, and encourages children's social skills to continue to grow, which for me is very important. My son is always coming home with exciting and creative projects that he loves to tell me about. I am so happy that enjoys school at this age!